Friday, February 16, 2018

Love the look - taking flight

I am counting the days down (well my eight year old daughter is) until our Disney trip. I'm excited and a little nervous about having a regimented schedule. I prefer a relaxing vacation and nothing overly scheduled! Are you heading anywhere to escape the cold this winter?? Do you have favorite travel items? Here are mine:

I choose comfort when flying. Long gone are my days of trying to impress anyone with my travel outfit. Ha!

1. Tissue tee shirt. I like light tee shirts, opposed to heavy cotton.
2.  How cute are these headphones? I will be chilling out with some music for a bit on the plane.
3. Bring a little piece of home with you with this coordinate bracelet. I think I may use the coordinates from my favorite beach or my parent's back yard - (it has a lovely view and will always feel like home to me)
4. I love totes and need one I can throw over my shoulder. I like the striped should strap on the Clare V. version. This canvas one is great too and supports a wonderful cause -EMC
5.  I'll leave Boston in a light jacket.
6. I always travel with a cozy scarf. I wear them around my neck or as a blanket if the plane is cold.
I find planes are either too color or too hot and rarely "just right" temp wise.
7. I'll be wearing these all week. New Balance sneakers are cute and comfy. This new 696 version is adorable.
8.  Lip balm and hand cream are a must on the plane.
9.  Comfy pants that aren't overly casual looking.
10. I also drink a ton of water in flight and always bring almonds to snack on.
11. I will toss a good book and magazines in my carry on!
12. My phone/music source is obviously on the list too. 

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