Tuesday, March 13, 2018

As I type away, I am distracted by the howling wind and large clumps of snow pelting my windows. I am dreaming of far away places and beautiful spaces today and hope to sneak this post in before we potentially lose power and Internet service. My Florida escape can't arrive soon enough, I can only hope our flight does not get canceled tomorrow!! I came across the gorgeous Napa vacation home of Alexis and Trevor Traina's in February's issue of Vogue. It is a one hundred year old retreat filled romantic moments and nostalgic goodies. The Trainas collaborated with Ken Fulk on the project. The grounds are equally as lovely. If you're in the midst of this blizzard too, I hope you stay safe and warm! 
My plan is to check in from Florida with a post or two, we'll see what the week brings. xx

All images via Vogue, Oberto Gili photographer 

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Taste of France said...

What a funny skinny little house. I love that everything in it looks as if it's always been there, and not ordered from an online catalog.
Good luck with the weather!


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