Friday, March 23, 2018

Shelter Loves..

Hello honeys and happy Friday. I always seem to have a bit more energy on Friday, even bad days are a bit sweeter. I was fully back in the swing of things work wise this Wednesday, here's what is on my radar.

1. Everything Easter related. Easter seems to symbolize rebirth and all things Spring related. I always host an egg decorating day for my children's friends. They have a blast and we end up with an array of beautiful eggs. Here is a sophisticated Easter table. Are you hosting? 
2. AMEN and very true.
3. I love beautiful dresses with gorgeous back details.
4.  Schumacher's strie velvets.
5. Stripe details on pants and bags. Gucci takes the cake on this trend! These are cute too
6. The site of Palm trees, especially during the winter months, warm my soul. 

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