Thursday, June 7, 2018

Love the Look - Kate's style

Hello all! Not sure how it is already Thursday or how an entire week has passed since I have been able to sit and blog! (My business is booming).

 I was very sad to hear of Kate Spade's passing. She was a visionary and a huge inspiration to me when I was brainstorming on how to launch my career in a creative field circa 1990-something!! (I worked in fashion before interiors) Kate's designs were fresh, colorful and always happy! I remember saving my money as a twenty-something year old girl woman for one of her newly released, "Sam" bags. I think it was the first time I stepped foot in Barneys. At the time, they were the only store that even sold them. (I am dating myself) I hope I saved that bag! Depression and anxiety are a very scary and powerful thing.  My thoughts are with her family and daughter, Bea. 💔

In celebration of Kate's life and talent, I've rounded up pieces that were absolutely her style. I recently listened to How I Built this on NPR. It's a great Podcast with Kate and Andy Spade. 


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