Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Shelter Loves

I've missed y'all. I am back today with Friday's post! It's a beautiful day and I am finally working from the office! Besides some amazing jobs, the last full week of school for my kiddos and meetings galore, below was tops on the list! It's a gorgeous day out, isn't it  amazing what a little sunshine and a warm breeze will do for your outlook? 

1. When I am feeling down or stressed, a walk on the beach always helps me refocus my thoughts.
2. I have never owned anything this color, but I just bought a dress in this exact shade. I am excited to wear it with bone colored bracelets and gold. This one is also cute, horray for dress season!!
3. Loving the The Real Raleigh series on I Suwanee. This entire house is clean and simple but full of interesting moments. A home does not always need to be large to shine. 
4. I started my tomato garden on time this year, I planted five varieties. I could live on healthy salads during the summer months. I am going to make this tonight.
5. VERY TRUE. With age, I have gotten much better at focusing on the positive and doing everything I can to change what I do not like in my life.  I try not to complain too much,  a few bitch sessions with my besties, works wonders. Then we MOVE ON. 
6. I have become a bit obsessed about keeping my skin moisturized and healthy. I am not getting any younger, so oils are a part of my daily routine. This resurfacing peel is the latest and greatest addition from Beautycounter! I am ordering mine today.  xx

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