Friday, June 29, 2018

Shelter Loves

Hello lovies!! We're about to kick off one of my FAVORITE weekends and weeks! I'm looking forward to logging a few days at the beach and enjoying good food & time with friends. I will be blogging next Monday and Tuesday, check back for my July 4th outfit ideas on Monday and a beautiful summer inspired home on Tuesday! Here is what's on my mind today.

1. The 4th and all it's glory!!
2. Anything French, including Sezane dresses. They are perfect for all of those cookouts.
3. and 6. THIS!!!! I am pretty guilty of not only coveting the perfect size "2" bodies on the beach but obsessing over the areas of mine that I don't like. As I get older, I am trying to embrace my curves and the areas that I'd like to look a bit different. I realize I am not going to look 23 again - Two C-sections later and a love of food and wine, I am focusing on what I like about me. I am also thankful for my health. Sophia is beautiful and always seemed confident with her curves.
4. Now onto the food,,,lol. I like to cook and especially love putting together crudite boards. I will be creating one in the morning. 
5. Cozy and inviting moments, this bedroom is precious. 

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