Monday, July 2, 2018


Laura Gabe's Rowayton home has the perfect mix of art, antiques and a casual coastal vibe. Together with friend, Laura Jayson they started El Co a design, consulting and development business. They also rent out their vintage caravan bar (see photo below) for parties and weddings. Here are their tips for entertaining, just in time for summer. Happy July! Read more details about this beautiful home here. Images via Domino. 

Entertaining, El Co–Style 
Craft a Signature Cocktail
“Coming up with the names is half the fun,” says Grabe, who dubbed one jalapeño tequila concoction Endless Bummer to toast the end of the season at a Labor Day block party. 
Music, Music, Music
“A mix of current hits and classics—anything from Laura Branigan’s ‘Gloria’ to Taylor Swift. Rihanna is always a good idea, too,” suggests Grabe.
Set the Mood 
Style the area accordingly—threading firefly lights between the trees to give off a summer holiday glow or serving Rhubarb Fizz in vintage boat barware. “Use seasonal flowers and greenery to bring it all home,” says Grabe. 
Hire Funny Bartenders
“They can keep the party going,” Grabe notes. Mise en place is also essential, so do all the prep work for garnishes beforehand—infuse the tequila, squeeze the limes, stack the glasses. 

The playroom has a bohemian look, with layered mudcloth pillows and washed out wood work. 

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