Thursday, September 13, 2018

Windsor - Village Suites

I'm back in full swing and plan to blog weekly again! If your life is anything like mine the first couple weeks of September are always bananas, my kids have however, settled into the school routine nicely. (no tears over homework or sports practice yet).

Sometimes, we all have moments when we dream of living someplace else - During the winter months, I think of escaping to a seaside home in coastal Florida. The planned community of Windsor is a bit of a stretch, but I am a sucker for well considered architecture and beautiful landscaping. This enclave is part country club, part charitable foundation and also has an art gallery that features works by famous artist. This buttoned up perfection comes with a steep price tag, take a peek at their website for details

Windsor recently finished their "village" guest suites, they have been beautifully designed and appointed by Chicago based interior designer, Allessandra Branca. Every suite is slightly different but each combines classic fabrics, unique textiles and a neutral color palette. The nod to the coast is crisp without being overly predictable. If anything, these moment pictured below are beautiful inspiration for a home design. Veranda magazine had a number of lovely images and small vignette shots too. The images below are of guest suites and are in no particular order.

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Candice said...

I am living in Florida at the moment and believe me ... you would be bored to tears in a month .. if it takes the long !
And then you will have time to sit and worry about being flooded or hit by a hurricane.
Visit but don't wish to live here ... My wish is to find a house back home in NY and get the h* out of here :)


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