Monday, December 31, 2018

Happy New Year - my life lessons learned and intentions for 2019.

My apologies for the radio silence, the end of 2018 was very busy with work, holiday craziness and my children. I would never miss the opportunity to wish you all peace, love, new adventures, health and prosperity in 2019. I usually sum up my previous year by reflecting on what I have learned and what goals I intend to focus on. 

I always try gain to something from the good and the bad in life.  Here is my list of 2018's "life lessons" and a few intentions for 2019. Overall, I focus on the good. I don't want my list to come across as negative at all!!  Happy New Year and thank you for visiting my blog. I appreciate you all very much!! I hope to post more often this year! xoxo 

No 1. Practice gratitude daily. I am actually going to begin January 1st by writing down three positive things that happened each day. (Even on my shitty days) I have a new journal and it's ready to go. I truly believe what you put out there, comes back.

No 2. Pause before reacting. Some comments and texts do not warrant a response! Disengage when it is healthy for you.

No 3. I ONLY have control over my actions, I want to focus on making them meaningful and thoughtful.

No 4. Let go of what I (you) cannot control.

No 5. Practice more mindfulness. I would like to live for today and try not to worry about the future as much.

No 6. Save money when I can. There are lots of websites and tips online to help better budget your money.

No 7. Sit with and walk toward my fears. 

No 8. People only change when they want to. It is not my job (or yours) to fix anyone. I will continue to focus on raising kind little people. 

No 9. To continue to CHERISH my health and the health of those I love. I am beyond thankful for my healthy children. This tops the list for me. 

No 10. Real friends are like family. I always aim to be a kind, loyal and loving friend.

No 11. I like to be informed on what is going on in the world but I also have learned that tuning out and turning off the news and noise is well worth the mental break.

No 12. YOU are in charge of your life and the decisions you make. Practicing SELF LOVE and CARE is not selfish!!

No. 13. I plan to practice more meditation, yoga and travel more. (even on short, local trips)

No 14. Most problems are solvable, even if the thought of change is very uncomfortable.

No 15.  I plan to read more books and use less social media!!

No 16.  It is OK to say, NO. We all take on too much sometimes. I will say no more in 2019.

No 17. I hope to cook more yummy, unique meals that I have never made.  

NO. 18. I say this every year, but I would like to get more organized around my house. 

and finally I am looking forward to continuing to grow my business and brand. I also want to make some changes around my home. I need to de-clutter and refresh on a budget! 

Cheers and much peace to you in 2019!!

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