Friday, March 22, 2019

Shelter Loves

I'm happy I can sneak this Friday post in, I figured better late than never. I am hanging in with my kid's tonight - I am very happy about this. I am in need of a low key weekend. I plan to organize, cook yummy food and chill! It's my last free weekend before the Spring sports begin in our home. Have a lovely weekend. I'm going to pour my first beer of the week, I hope it helps this damn cold I caught! Cheers! 

1. Not every season is easy, but I truly believe the tough times are necessary and clear the way for something stronger and better! I am listening to the "You are a BadAss" audiobook by Jen Sincero. I'm liking it!!
2. I posted this image on insta. It's been an inspirational photograph for a gorgeous bathroom design I am creating. 
3. My daughter is picky as hell about food. It seems to be getting worse. I have been putting together child friendly charcuterie boards for her. She seems to think it's fun and I can sneak in fruits and veggies. At this point, I want her to eat and I am finished make two meals every night.
4. This bag is a nice size and the perfect way to add a bit of color to your life this Spring. 
5. Elephants! I've always loved them.  I recently purchased a sweet and very comfy oversized sweatshirt from Ivory Ella. Mine is more muted than this one. 10% of the proceeds goes towards saving the elephants. xx

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