Friday, September 20, 2019

Shelter Loves / 9.20.19

Wishing you a fantastic Friday!! Without a doubt my parent's are inspiration people and two of my greatest "loves". Wishing them a very happy and romantic 50th wedding Anniversary today!! I love you guys!! xoxoxo

and on the creative's what I'm ogling. 

1. Anything with a crock embossed pattern, especially in deep olive and rich browns/burgundy. These booties  are by Chloe and AMAZING but these come in a close second. 
2. Blue Jasper Wedgewood. I am pretty sure my Mom has some of this around. The  bathroom design is by Alexander Interiors is darling....
3. Milan and their fashion week. I had the wonderful opportunity to study retail design in Italy, our home base was Milan. The women were ridiculously chic and fearless with their sense of style. 
4. YES! I've been biting my tongue when I feel a bitch session coming on lately. 
5. Moody bars, with strong cocktails and live music. I am heading to Dublin in a couple of weeks, I'm excited to explore the city. 
6. Historical fiction. I just picked up this book and plan to start it next week. I have always been intrigued by Dorothea Lange's compelling photographs. 

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