Monday, September 30, 2019

Shelter Loves..

Hello, hello! I'm sharing last week's inspiration today! I'm just noticing I posted an array of neutrals, clearly I'm channeling a Fall color palette. I hope your week is off to a great start...

1. Classic movies. I'm a bit of a romantic at heart. 'Love Story' is on my list of movies to watch. Ali MacGraw was a natural beauty.
2. True. I think we all tend to ruminate about past misgivings and mistakes, aside from lessons learned and knowledge gained, there is no reason to ruin today by analyzing the past. Embrace the good and let go of the negative when you can. xx
3. I love cozy scarfs and pair them with just about everything in the Fall. 
4. I can envision myself cooking in this lovely space. Since recently finishing up a kitchen with black cabinets and soapstone counter tops, I've been drawn to dark, moody kitchens. Image: Architectural Digest. 
5. This multifunctional purse, by the L.A. based company Hammitt, converts from a cross body bag to a clutch. I adore this one too.
6. Plaid blazers worn with crisp, white button downs. 
7.  Kraak ware, was originally produced during China's Ming Dynasty. It was later reproduced in a number of countries, including Japan and was frequently sold to the European market. Kraak ware was most often painted in underglaze blue and white porcelain. Original pieces are quite pricey but with some research reproductions can be purchased for substantially less. Here is a modern day reproduction

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