Thursday, October 3, 2019

Copper in the Kitchen...

I grew up watching my mother cook delicious meals. I too enjoy cooking when I have the time. My dream kitchen is all planned out, but for now, I appreciate mine. I have an affinity for nice cookware and pots + pans, especially ones made from copper. There is something very special about preparing meals with a hand crafted piece of cookware, the quality is also wonderful.  Mauviel, a family run business, has been manufacturing copper pots since 1830. Learn more about the creative process, here.

I am short on storage space and love the idea of accessibility. My plan is to hang copper pots and pans above my stove using a rail and hooks. I like this brass version. I can't help but notice all the gorgeous French ranges in these photos too. Those French, they certainly know a thing or two about preparing meals...Bon Appetit. 

Martha Stewart's kitchen. I don't need a collection this large..

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