Thursday, December 3, 2020

Gift Guide - Tween Girl

Today I'm sharing items for the "tween girl" in your life. My daughter is increasingly picky these days, some of these items are on her list. I'm holding on to the little girl in her as long as I can. She stopped wearing dresses this year, it's a bit sad...she was my frilly hippie girl... xx 

1. Hoodie - I have been told not to buy anything pink. 

2. Bracelet

3. Slippers

4. Airpods

5. Led lights for their room

6. Natural face cream

7. Books, and more books.. (I am supporting smaller book shoppes this year)

8. Earrings (Yes, Emmi asked for lighting bolts)

9. Comfy joggers

10. Natural lip gloss

11. Soccer ball 

12. Bed lounge pillow

13. Ring/jewelry Dishes 

I of course still adore Zara's girl clothing but my daughter won't wear sweater anymore either.

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