Wednesday, January 28, 2009

PLEASE, Say it isn't sooooo.....

I've just heard that Domino is finished!! Just the other day I was noticing that my magazine subscriptions are dwindling, Cottage Living - finished , Country Home - done, O at Home - gone, my saving grace for approachable, obtainable, but fabulous design was Domino!! March will be their last issue...sniff, sniff.....

I love...

the look of a chair or sofa covered in a bold, over sized print or pattern! These first two photos are a peek into the extravagant + beautiful home of Fleetwood Mac's, Lindsey Buckingham. Very cool photo wall!! So fun.. {I can post their entire abode if you wish, it's in this month's Elle Decor.}

WS Home Wing Chair, you may purchase this cheery print by the five yard roll..

Celerie Kemble, you're too good!! {top and bottom images by C.K.}

Images: Elle Decor, WS Home, Celerie Kemble, images from her new book To Your Taste.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Artist: Rebecca Koury

Clients often ask me to search for art. My finds usually act as a either a launching point or a finishing touch on a project ...either way, I love discovering new work....I came across artist Rebecca Koury's mystical pieces via Jules Place, a great gallery located in the South End of Boston. I am going to present the image below, titled Deep Water to a client tomorrow...{keep your fingers crossed they'll like it.}
In fact, I love the entire project, so stay posted for some process photos in the near future.... The layered use of color + reflective quality of her paintings are beautiful.
Artist quote: "We as humans are not separate from ourselves or the earth we inhabit."

Deep Water

Golden Flowers 2

Fresh Lawn

Rolling Hills

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Country Mouse, City Mouse...

My husband continually reminds me that I'm a dreamer, I contribute it to positive thinking {why not dream big?}...I tell him I'd rather be a dreamer then a realist...If I owned two homes, one would be chic + classic, the other comfy + laid back. I don't own two homes, I'm just trying to buy and finish one! My home is a laboratory of sorts, so I'm slowly mixing the two styles. Like many on a limited budget, I'm often thinking about, dreaming and creating my next idea! Here's a sampling of feeling shots. The beautiful thing is, you can have the best of both worlds, and live in one place! Happy Monday!!

Images Top to bttm, lft to right: flickr, Country Living, Elle Decor, Country Living, Country Home, Country Living, Country Home, Elle Decor, Elle Decor, Veranda, Country Home.
City Images: Vogue, Feb. 09., Elle Decor, Elle Decor, Veranda, Amanda Nisbet Design, Domino, Elle Decor, Well-Designed Garden by John Brookes, House Beautiful

Friday, January 23, 2009


was just spending an inspiring few moments blog surfing and came across these fabulous pillow cases via Made by Girl, you can purchase them here! Now to decide which color I want....
Peace + again, happy weekend!

Top Image: Bazaar Style

Friday - This week's finds...

In case you haven't heard, Pantone has selected the official color of 2009 as an orange kissed yellow...Name: Mimosa, now I'll toast to that!

I came across this gorgeous mimosa hued room by designer Amanda Nisbet....Matches the pantone chip pretty closely don't you think? We could all use a little sunshine in our lives...Cheers to an amazing weekend!!

Michelle Obama wore this year's color beautifully!! Dress by Cuban-American designer Isabel Toledo
Image: AFP

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Pretty in Pink

Pale pink walls are an unexpected way to warm up a space, as proven by designer Windsor Smith. This is a snapshot of her living room. Her beautifully layered home was featured in Domino Mag. August 07. Color: Ben Moore, Romantic Pink # 2004-70

My dear friend Sarah amazes me, following seven months of bedrest, she gave birth to twin girls in early November, along with taking care of her babies she has managed to meticulously decorate her darling girl's nursery...It's precious. Wall Paper: Thibaut

I loved her idea to hang these tutu's on the wall. She purchased the painted clothes pins and wooden tack's on Etsy - Stella Bean.

I've been blessed with a terrible cold this week, so I can't think of a better time to post rooms that are, pretty in pink. Pink rooms are the perfect way to beat those winter blues...

A fun and unexpected foyer by Jonathan Adler

Even Pottery Barn ripped of this great design. Tent your ceiling and have a custom shower curtain created with tie backs. Designer: Krista Ewart

Images: Domino, Domino, Elle Decor, Domino, Domino, House and Garden, Met. Home, Elle Decor, Domino, Elle Decor, bttm three photos: Elle Decor, designer: Philip Gorrivan, Photographer: Pieter Estersohn


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