Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Thanksgiving recipes!

So I have pulled together my Thanksgiving Day recipes! I mentioned last week I'll be sharing a weekly post up until the holiday. I've included all of the saved recipes and my thoughts. I have also pinned them here - under my recipes board.
I loved this table setting guide breakdown. I'll be going with a basic table setting but adding a water glass too. Enjoy!

I'm going to try and brine my turkey this year. Recipe here.
I am a classic stuffing girl. I actually use a recipe out of my Mother's 1970's copy of Better Homes and Garden's cookbook. It's yummy. I add extra butter.
I LOVE sweet potatoes. I thought these sounded like a twist on the traditional holiday veggie.
Again, I keep my squash pretty classic with lots of butter and a little brown sugar.
My Mom bakes the best rolls ever. I should probably learn the recipe. She also always bakes sticky buns. These look similar to her rolls, they are a blend of sweet and salty. Delish! 

I've never added chicken broth when I cook my green beans. This year I'm going to try this simple recipe.
Matty's favorite.
Home made jellied cranberry sauce.  (Recipe below)

I love both red and white wine and feel either work with Turkey and the array of sides. I've included two of my favorites below. I also aways have a bottle of Apothic Red on hand. I should start buying that by the caseload. I swear it is addicting.


Lily L-M said...

Mouth-watering! That turkey looks divine -- can't wait to hear how yours turns out!

x Lily

Meredith Heron said...

If you think Apothic is addicting (it is) then you should get Candor Zinfandel. It's super cheap and I swear people will think you've brought a $75/bottle to the party.

My name: Julie My design firm: SHELTER said...

Thanks for the tip Meredith!! I will def. try. I love your work by the way. :)



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