Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Shelter Loves..

Hello! I typically share this series on Friday but I'm a bit behind schedule because of the kid's winter break. This month I've been drawn to inviting spaces, soft plush fabrics and pretty pastels .. I've loved spending as much time as possible running, walking, skiing and generally enjoying the outdoors this winter. We've been very fortunate with the weather! I've also been simplifying my home and closets. Too much clutter in my life feels suffocating. I've been donating lots of things and am going to focus on saving more and spending money only on things that I love! I tend to gravitate towards what is new in my life anyway, I also tend to hold onto older clothing and items for too long. Letting go and getting organized feels incredible!

1. I've tried a number of face oils and this is by far my favorite. Beautycounter products are clean and work very well on my skin year round. 
2. I'm trying to simply and am going to share my favorite outfits of the moment with you all tomorrow. You may be able to put the looks together with items you already own. Pretty white blouses with jeans and a fun shoe or bootie is a go to look for me. Blouses I am loving: this one and this one
3. Pause and breathe. My 2020 mantra! 
4.  I don't eat tons of sweets but when I do, they need to be worth it. This orange, salted honey cake is gorgeousMy daughter loves to bake and I'm making more time for special moments with her. We may challenge ourselves to make it - I'm not promising it will look this perfect. 
5. Graphic rugs to layer under cozy furniture arrangements. This wool version would finish off a room beautifully. 
6. We spent a few days in Vermont last week. The fresh air and scenery work wonders for the mind and body. Here's a peek at the Twin Farms resort, located in Barnard, V.T.. It's down the hill from my parent's home and looks magnificent
7. Bohemian style dresses. I am love with this one but not the price tag. 

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