Friday, March 27, 2020

Shelter Loves - 3.27.20

Hello Friday! It is Friday, isn't it? 😉 I don't have my kids today or this weekend, the lack of human interaction is very real when you are home alone for days on end. I've been talking to my cat and self quite a bit. I hope you and your loved ones are all staying healthy. I keep telling myself that we'll be looking back on this historic moment someday. I've been listening to a ton of music and have been mixing up the genres. I've also been watching movies with my kids, it's amazing what I deemed inappropriate six months ago has basically gone out the window. (Ear muffs, kids). I just can't stomach too many animated movies. We've been focusing on 80's comedies. Thank god for social media and the web, can you imagine if this happened in 1985? If my grandfather was alive, I'd be interested to hear his memories of 1918. I am thankful for our health and all the people risking their own health for the well being of others. Thank you. My latest inspo:      xx

1. The concept of a flower truck is fabulous to me. If I were independently wealthy, I may need to do this. You could set up virtually anywhere and share nature, color and beauty with the world. Love it! 
2. I love discovering new creative Instagram accounts, as mentioned, listening to music is a favorite pastime, I am constantly downloading new material. I discovered Lily's account last week, she is adorable and a very talented trumpet player. 
3. Athena's Amagansett home and recent refresh is gorgeous. I adore unique furniture and her modern earthy color palette...This chair is on my radar. It looks similar to hers.
4. Pretty undergarments, they look lovely layered under sweaters and t-shirts. 
5. I'm looking forward to wearing pretty dresses this summer!!
6. YES!

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