Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Luxe in London

All eyes are on England this week with the birth of Prince Harry and Meghan, Duchess of Sussex's adorable baby, Archie Harrison. My aunt often traveled to England when I was a little girl. I remember anxiously awaiting my treasure when she returned. My perfectly packaged gift was most often a memento of Princess Diana or Buckingham Palace. I grew up enamored with Princess Diana's grace, charm and beauty. I am not going to speak for everyone but I think most of us can appreciate following a fairytale across the pond. Everything about the images released today, warms my heart. I've also shared Vista-Jet founder Nina Flohr's uber chic London townhouse. 

I love this color palette. 
If I were to have a dressing room, you can bet it would look something like this. 

 Images: Architectural Digest 

Friday, May 3, 2019

Shelter Loves...

Yes, I realize I'm dishing lots of love this week! I've been inspired, that can't be a bad thing, right? Here's what I found worthy of Pinterest!

1. British racing green on a mini? Yes, please. Hopefully it has a camel leather interior! 
2. Light wood built-ins with caning. I love mixing things up and adding natural wood to interiors lately. This is a gorgeous, functional piece. 
3. Hairs pins and barrettes, they are both feminine and a elegant. I'll be wearing one this weekend. 
4. Okay, do these bring back memories or what? I swear I had almost the exact woven mule in brown in college. #flashback  Purchase here
5. I'm loving the spots
6. Frida!

Thursday, May 2, 2019

Love the Look

I'm still not sold on MOST ulta-high wasted "MOM" jeans (Medium rise and non button/zip high wasted are great - it is also nice to finally be able to bend over without fear of exposing my back side to the world. I am however, thrilled about the return of the flare pant this Spring! The look above are adorable. I have also included a round up of some of my favorites below. 

I think we are all anxiously awaiting the warm weather here in the North East, to say it's been cold and gloomy is an understatement! I don't do well with cold feet so for now I'm still wearing booties. I look forward to wearing sandals and an outfit like this very soon! Cheers and happy Thursday! xx
links for above:




Monday, April 29, 2019

Shelter Loves

Here I am with Friday's post! I'm kicking off the day on a feel good note! I spent the weekend in Nantucket, I feel very fortunate to live near such a magical (and fun) destination. Here is what I pinned last week!!

1. This summer's sneaker pick will be a pair of Veja's for me! I like the simplicity of these
2. Nantucket and vintage Wagoneers and Rovers. I may need to pick one up for myself one of these days. I need a garage first. ;)
3. I am trying to live this! Letting go, moving forward and pushing past fear takes bravery. Vulnerability can be a scary thing but we will never know how amazing our lives can be unless we take risks! 
4. Fields of tulips. New Englanders appreciate any sign of Spring we can get.
5. After having several skin cancer spots on my face, I am assiduous about my skin care routine. This exfoliate will work wonders on your skin
6. Round tile mosaics arranged in classic patterns. 

Monday, April 22, 2019

J'aime La France

I've long admired the French culture and have had the city of Paris in my thoughts. I'm due for another French style post that shares key pieces that are unmistakably French. Here is a round-up of why I'm drawn to this uber-chic country and the city of Paris. 








Monday, April 15, 2019

Shelter Loves..

Hello, Hello. This is often my Friday post but because it's a holiday here in Boston, I decided to share it today. Here is what caught my eye over the past weekend.

1. I don't like my hair to feel overly "done", but I do think a simple scarf looks very pretty. I'd take her gorgeous hair too. 
2. I love traveling to Europe any chance I can get. I was very sad to hear about the devastating fire at the Notre-Dame cathedral. I hope they can save some of it. 💔
3. Simple white tees and patterned skirts
4. Black kitchen cabinetry with limed oak shelving. 
5. This ceiling mounted fixture. The price is right too. 
6. Wise words. 

Thursday, April 11, 2019

Love the look - Shopbop sale picks

ShopBop is hosting their seasonal Spring sale! Don't miss out on the great savings! Today I'm sharing my favorite picks from their site. These pieces will perfectly update your Spring wardrobe..Happy Shopping!

1. These white Lee jeans. I know you are thinking these conjure up memories of 1990 Mom jeans or Western cowboys but the Lee jeans is back and looking better than ever. These are in my cart, the price is right too. 


Monday, April 8, 2019

Erin Gates - Elements of Family Style (my featured projects)

Hello, hello! I am thrilled to share some exciting news today. Designer Erin Gates released her second book last week, you're going to want to pick yourself up copy. I have been friends with Erin for over fifteen years and have followed her amazing journey. She has built a very successful business, design blog and is a published author. I devoured Erin's first book and her second publication is equally great. 

Elements of Family Style shares an array of beautifully designed spaces along with honest advice, wonderful ideas and realistic tips and tricks to use while designing and creating your own beautiful and functional "family friendly" homes.  Elements of Family Style also features spaces by a slew talented designers from around the country. I am thrilled to be one of them!  (excuse my i-phone photographs) Order Elements of Family Style on Amazon, it's an inspirational read and design guide. Below are the spaces I designed! Thank you for including me, Erin! xx  Photography credit: Sarah Winchester

Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Kitchen backsplash inspiration

I'm working on a few beautiful kitchen designs. There are so many details that go into designing a home, especially if we have brought it back to the studs and/or are starting from scratch! Today, I'm sharing backsplash inspiration that doesn't include a 3" x 6" white subway design! (although I still like that classic style, I'm sharing some alternatives). 

Extend the counter top marble as a back splash. (I am currently doing this on a project)

Thinner counter tops are a trend!

3" x 9"or 12"
Darker tile or a chevron pattern (or both)


A different colored quartz than the counter tops


Shiplap running vertically with a backsplash detail over the stove top

A unique marble design - Find this tile here. 

 Patterned ceramic that emulates cement - it is cheaper and easier to install


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