Tuesday, April 26, 2022

Shelter Loves...

I typically post what I'm loving on Fridays but this week, it's coming to you today. I've been feeling inspired lately and am working on an array of exciting projects. Here's what is exciting me today. I hope your week is going well! xx

  1. I've always loved Jackie's timeless style. White kick flare pants, big sunnies and a slim fitting black t-shirt has never looked so chic.
  2. Hand made brass sinks. I have one being made for a project right now and can't wait until it arrives on site.
  3. I like to embrace this concept.
  4. The fixtures from this company. I may order one for a kitchen design that I am working on. Fingers crossed the client agrees.
  5. Lisa Eisner jewelry. Her pieces are wonderfully sculptural. When people ask if I was not an interior designer, what would I be? My answer: a jewelry designer or a dermatologist creating skin care.
  6. This season's dresses from A.L.C. their prints are fabulous and throw back to the 70's, just look at this beauty. Here is the link for the dress pictured, I love the neckline.
  7. I'm going to begin my gardening this weekend. This year, I've decided to separate my veggies and cutting garden. I like how the black beds look here. I'd love to build one more and stain it black. (in my spare time)

Tuesday, April 12, 2022

Shopbop Spring style event sale - My wish list!

Shopbop is having their Spring style event sale. It's the perfect time of year to update your wardrobe and donate items that you no longer wear. A few weeks ago, I spent the weekend cleaning out my closet. I consigned and donated a slew of older and tired looking pieces. It felt so good to refine my closet and it makes getting dressed much easier! My goal is to only purchase a few beautiful, good quality items each season. Cheers and happy shopping. Here are a few selections from my wish list.... xx - FOLLOW MY BLOG HERE NOW.



Monday, April 4, 2022

Style Edit - Vacation picks


If you live in New England, you know, Spring does NOT exist!! We'll have a few sunny, warm days in June, quickly followed by a hot and humid July (no complaints about that). Our Spring window is quite brief. April does, however, kick off the outdoor sports season. On weekends you'll typically find me, bundled in my down parker, cheering on my children, while freezing my ass off. April is dicey, always windy and usually cold!! Last year, my friends and I were fed up and booked a little get away to visit our dear friend down south. Over the past couple weeks, we decided to do it again - whoop! I'm thrilled and already thinking about my packing list! Here's a snap shot of items I'm eyeing for this much needed escape! xx


Monday, March 21, 2022

Shelter Loves

Happy Monday and Spring! The birds were certainly singing a bit louder this morning. It feels nice to kick off the week with a new season, knowing that warmer weather and longer days are ahead. I like to think that each new season ushers in a fresh start and mindset.
Today, I'm sharing what's inspiring me. Spring and organization are absolutely the theme here. Wishing you a wonderful day and week. xx


  1. I'm always inspired by fashion week street style. Right now, I've been pinning and eyeing wonderful floral, slightly Bohemian frocks and dresses
  2. This one by Johanna Ortiz (I love all her designs) is on my wish list, along with this light gauzy pink version from Shopbop.
  3. Let go of anything not serving you! I'm working on this myself.
  4. Gabriela's home and cutting gardens in Mexico are both beautiful and inspiring. Follower her here, on Instagram.
  5. Charlotte Rampling's style was both classic and sexy. I find myself looking to the past for design inspiration, her carefree, iconic style is a favorite.
  6. Straw bags. I'm ready for a seasonal change.
  7. I pair pretty feminine tops with jeans, shorts and skirts, all season long. This one would look amazing with white jeans.
  8. I'm doing a closet and jewelry clean out this week. I'll be donating and consigning styles that I no longer wear or need. I've always wanted built in jewelry drawers. For now, I am going to order these jewelry drawer organizers for my bed side tables. I find I reach for the same pieces because they are what I can see. Image: Amber Interiors. Also, see her jewelry round up.


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