Thursday, August 7, 2008

Design Tip + Trick - Inspirational Images

In lieu of a traditional upholstered headboard, why not try something different. Maybe a tapestry, panels, a large mirror, a found object, a barn-door....there are endless possibilities and some can be executed on a dime!! Here are some ideas.....

An 18th century tapestry.

Image: Elle Decor

Here they used a mirror, the fun house mirror from Troy to be exact. Quite glamorous!

Image: Elle Decor

If you own an upholstered bed and want to add some depth to the space, try covering the wall behind the bed in an Asian themed wall-covering. Pictured here is a custom bed with a de Gournay hand-painted silk paper.

Image: I can't recall where I found this, may have been a Boston area magazine.

Vertically oriented panels covered in a faux leather, can make a small space appear larger. This is a great bed to read in. Faux leather is cost effective and can easily be wiped clean..

Image: Met Home

Hacienda Headboard by Casamidy, from Vivre.

A headboard resembling a wooden screen. Screens make a great backdrop for a bed!

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