Wednesday, April 15, 2009


I love Jennifer DeLonge's sense of style. You may remember seeing her home published in, In Style Home, during the Fall/Winter of 07'. She mixes period pieces brilliantly. The mix of vintage, rustic and modern is truly one of my favorites!

Delonge also designs and sells a children's/nursery line...

Most gliders are awful, this one is perfect!

Delonge also sells reworked, vintage finds. {another favorite} This bed looks very much like the one I had growing up. {When my son is ready, he'll inherit it. I usually don't have a problem transforming a piece with paint, but I've decided to keep the original finish on my childhood bed - I do love the black lacquer though}

Love these ingenious tables
The Audrey + The Charles

Visit Delonge's site here, for more goodies + inspiration


Unknown said...

The dining room, office, and nursery are beyond! Gorgeous work!

Rebecca June | Sea Island Drive said...

I am SOOO happy that you blogged this! I had saved this magazine because I loved her house and during my move it seemed to disappear! Now I can finally have them to put in my inspiration folder!


Rebecca June

Julie Richard - Shelter said...

Oh good now you can save all the images. I love this house too..The entire casual/glam. vibe works so well...

Julie Richard - Shelter said...

Hi Paloma,

I've had that nursery tacked to my image board for months now. Love it.

Suzy said...

Great post! I have been hanging onto these same images for ages. I love her sense of style and that it actually feels achievable.

Sarah said...

The salon art wall in the nursery was fantastic, I ripped out those pages immediately back then. I think the nursery also had a chalkboard chair rail which was ingenious because it's just the right height for toddlers. Thanks for bringing this back.


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