Monday, October 31, 2011

Sticky Sweet

In honor of all the sugar I've been consuming this weekend (and today I'm sure), I thought I'd share all the sweet, saturated color in J. Crew's latest catalog. Mixing unexpected brights is a sure way to beat the (it feels like more like December) then Halloween blues! Pink, Green, Red, Purple etc...add some color to your life!! My eating habits only go down hill from now until Christmas! Happy Halloween!


Jessica Frost said...

I keep seeing those cable knit sweater and they look super warm (which I totally need) and really chic! I must stock up on those-like the one the girl in the glasses is wearing! Love it! And don't worry, your not the only one who's eating habits venture on the side of scary this time of year! :)

bevy said...

Yes to color in the fall!

Anonymous said...

Love colorful cashmere! So refreshing and cozy. Hope you had a great Halloween! ~jen

HOOTENANNY...Jennifer Jacks said...

I love Jcrew's color! I use it as inspiration for design in my house and in things I paint!


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