Friday, February 8, 2013

Uber cool

Well I had typed up a entire spiel on mid-century modern design and my favorite architects etc..including Neutra, Paul Williams, and Warren Plater but my three year old daughter hopped on my lap and deleted it by accident in an attempt to see the first image with the "kids" and also to most likely get her mama's attention. (Sorry Emmi, I'm almost done). So here's the quick, edited down version. School has been canceled today because of this epic snow storm heading our way. 

I find too many mid-century modern inspired homes are often filled with iconic mid-century pieces and that's it. They're a tad predictable and hardly look inviting. To each her own but that's hardly what I'd do with a mid-century or newly designed modern home....nobody asked but in case you're wondering.. I'd fill it up with a mix of amazing iconic finds layered with soft textures, and cozy chic pieces.... That's precisely what the owner's of this Connecticut home have done. I guess I wouldn't expect less from the Editor-in-Chief of Town and Country magazine. He's given the entire magazine and website a fresh revamp as seen here. Read more about this fabulous home via The New York Times.

great rug, lamp, in general

The power of a wing chair

Love this blue shelf full of books and the Slim Aaron photo.


Sadie + Stella said...

I spot a fiddle leaf fig and some major grasscloth. Two of my faves!

My name: Julie My design firm: SHELTER said...

I'm with you on both!!

eddielicious said...

All very tasteful and livable with kids. There are a couple pics with a rug on top of carpet. In the first pic the layered rug is all winkled. This would bother me....and probably trip me too!

katiedid said...

It's alright! The edited down version is great! Love the house and what they have done with it. I am with you....much more interesting to mix things up and they did wonderful job!

Notes From ABroad said...

I read this yesterday in the NYT and loved it.
We are moving back to the US and we are looking at homes in the area of Ct and upstate NY. So it was especially timely to see their new home .
What a story ! no ?
All those windows and all those trees make me happy :)

Vintage Finds said...

I didn't notice the fiddle leaf fig at first, then went back over the pics on the hunt! Yes, love too! And they give a great touch of green at a different height in the room.

Love your take on mid-centry modern. My personal, and also unasked for!, opinion is that these pieces are so sleek that they can take a bit of design around them. The don't actually need to be minimalist to see how beautiful they are - as this spread shows!

Thanks for the share,

Melissa Corre said...

I really LOVE this house, thank you for the sharing. The bedroom is especially inspiring since I've got grey bedding and can't figure out the right accent colors for the room and I never thought of brown! the wood looks so nice against the grey, I'm going to have to rethink the whole room :)
xx Melissa


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