Friday, March 15, 2013

Shelter Loves..

So the green references weren't really intentional, I guess subconsciously my 1/4 of Irish heritage is shining through. Here's what's on my radar this week!!

1. I love classic studs with a twist, I wear them everyday!
2. This Spring's floral prints are not only sophisticated but more sexy then sweet.
3. These mint storage boxes are very sweet!
4. I'm working on a number of projects right now, including a teen aged girl's bath room. This springy Christopher Farr fabric happily made the cut this week!!
5. I'm also starting a kitchen renovation, at the end of our initial meeting I told the client to hand me her favorite kitchen inspiration picture, she handed me this photo. I love it! The windows make the space!
6. This vintage, brass towel caddy would surely add a dash of glamour to your powder room. Buy it here!
7. Hello, Stella!
8. I miss having a house, this pretty moment reminded me of my black, lacquered table, it's in storage... via Elizabeth Foy Larsen, via NY times

Happy Weekend!


Cheryl said...

Oh, that kitchen..... love!!!!

stephanie at Stephanie Kraus Designs said...

You are lucky to have a client with such great taste! Love the distressed wood on the island. I am seeing it everwhere now!

Hillary Thomas said...

I have that Christopher Farr fabric on my inspiration board right now....the best! Thanks for the love!! Xo Hillary


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