Monday, April 7, 2014

Shelter Loves...

Here's what is garnering a bit of attention on my Pinterest page this week!

1. I'm loving this fiddle head fig leaf drawing by artist Emily Ann Grady. Most artists on Etsy will create commissions for you.
2. I'm dying to paint some built ins with a splash of color.
3. I need to curl my hair with a barrel iron and wear it like this! I love how full her hair looks.
4. I'm on the search for a pair of ballet flats for my daughter Emerson. These would actually stay on her feet.
5. The playroom is almost done in my basement. I ordered the rug Friday and am considering ordering this light fixture.
6. I love this thought!
7. Mudrooms can be chaotic. I prefer to keep them as clean lined as possible. A bit of clutter is always inevitable.
8. I've been using a clutch instead of a large bag all winter. This Rag and Bone one would work with almost any outfit.


NewlyLoved said...

I can't get enough fiddle fig in my life right now!

xo Jessica

Lily L-M said...

Love all of these too! That hairdo, those built-ins... great taste.

x Lily

rachel said...

Wow, I love so many of the things you posted! Would you mind sharing sources for #3 (hair) and #5 (light)? Thanks!

My name: Julie My design firm: SHELTER said...

Thank you! The light is linked now!

Barrington Hardwood Flooring Company said...

I love the wall to hang coats and hats. Great idea. Nice looking floor in that photo too :)

Katy Byrne said...

Those ballet flats are so sweet. Love the scalloped drum. So cute.

Kyle said...

My daughter has an adorable pair of gold ballet flats that are actually Nordstrom's own brand. They have stayed on her feet really well and have a tiny, classic bow. Have you seen the Theo scalloped pendant light from Rosenberry Rooms? It comes in so many fun colors!


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