Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Shelter Loves....

I've been inspired by pretty little things lately, I'm doing anything to get through this winter. My assistant Meg and I were just talking about how all the snow hype is sorta making the time go faster!?! Or maybe we are just optimists!! Here are the beautiful moments that caught my eye this week.

1. Pretty "smallish" pieces of jewelry. As much as I wear chunky jewelry I do like the simplicity of wearing a few delicate pieces together. With Valentine's Day approaching I can't think of a better time to add one to your wish list. Here are the links for the ones pictured: from top to bottom: Swallow cuff, heart ring, love bracelet.

2. This sophisticated, clean living room.
3. I'm making Valentine's Day dinner for Matty and the kids this weekend. I might bake sugar cookies for dessert. I thought these were so lovely!
4. True dat!
5. Ohhh Blake, you are my girl crush. She is so beautiful..

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