Monday, January 4, 2016

I'm is what I've learned in 2015

Wow, I took some much needed time off last week. The end of 2015 was a pretty emotional one for me. My holidays weren't great and I am hoping that 2016 is a year of personal and professional growth. I've heard that people appreciate "realness" on blogs but I never want to come across as a downer. I'm keeping it real today. (but I am also going to post a design segment later too because a little pretty goes a long way in making me feel better!!)

I've spent the last ten days doing a lot of soul searching and appreciating the things that are wonderful in my life. I always keep in mind when I am going through a personal challenge that things could be so much worse.  Here is my annual list of what I learned this past year. Happy New Year! I love, love, love that you all visit and read my blog. I appreciate each and everyone one of you (even though we will most likely never meet) God Bless you..

1. I've learned that you should never take your physical or mental health or the health of your loved ones for granted. EVER! This is the biggest blessing we all have.
2. Every difficult time in your life is actually presenting you with a life lesson. Pay close attention and learn from it. (this one is huge)
3. Only YOU can change your life. Never forget to take care of YOU, feed your soul!
4. Be careful with your words, once they are said they can only be forgiven but never forgotten.
5. Raising kids can be truly exhausting but the time flies by. I have been pausing more in life, especially before I speak and act. I take in the little moments with my kids both good and bad. Someday there won't be a little angel wanting to crawl into bed with you(me) at 3 a.m.......I used to stress over this but I have let it go...
6. To be patient and trust your journey. (working on this one now)
7. I've learned I need to budget my money better. Some people are really good at this..most of us creative types, not so much.
8. If something is really bothering you, do not be afraid to speak up!!
9. To focus on the good! I am grateful for so many things but it is easy to get caught up in comparing your haves and have nots to others. (a happy marriage, a big house, a boat, a skinny body etc. etc.) Don't do it! I am doing it less.
10. To put down my phone more. I actually tuck it in my bedroom drawer at times. It forces me to fully listen to my kids and do other things that I love to do such as cook a yummy meal or read a book.
10. Always be honest with yourself and others!! Even if you had good intentions.
11. If something feels off, it usually is. Trust your instincts.
12. It is okay to say: NO!
14. There is not much that chatting with a great friend and exercise won't help!!!
15. My family is wonderful!!! I am beyond blessed to have them in my life and hope someday I have a husband that truly feels like family to me.
13. We are all human - forgive yourself and others.

Cheers to a fabulous 2016!! Take in the good and the bad. This is your journey!!!** I recently read a quote to "always chose love over fear" - I am working on this one. It is not always easy. In the end do what is best for you! 


Kyle said...

Happy New Year, Julie! I truly love your blog and look forward to reading each week. Wishing you the best in 2016!!

MyLittleBlueDog said...

Excellent advice! I look forward to your blog postings, you have a real flair. Love the snowy photo too. Hope you had a great Christmas with your family and that you have a lovely 2016.

Anonymous said...

I just wanted to say you are a wonderful talented generous person. Don't be so hard on yourself.

erin said...

Love your work, but truly admire who you seem to be a a person...I think your positivity shines through your posts and I hope it helps you through your challenges and illuminates your good times. Best wishes in 2016!

Julie Richard - Shelter said...

Thank you, thank you everyone! xo. Your words mean so much to me.

Mom of 2 Cuties @ Sprinkles of Joy and Laughter said...

Perfection! I need to print this, You get the picture. All the best in 2016! Cheers!

StagerLinda said...

I'm just reading this post. You have A LOT of wisdom for where you are on your path in life. Such a smart woman! I would only add: Don't take life too seriously and laugh at any opportunity. I'm in my 'mature' years and still learning. Have a wonderful 2016!

Julie Richard - Shelter said...

I appreciate all the kind comments and yes Linda, I try to save the stress for the big stuff!! Life is good!!


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