Tuesday, May 23, 2017

The herb garden

I am OVER due for some time to work on my yard. I have most of the day free sans my children this Saturday so I plan to work in the yard and do some planting and weeding! My lawn also needs some love before the summer weather arrives. I think I have mentioned I enjoy cooking and usually grow a small veggie garden outside my kitchen window. If I had a million dollars and tons of time, I promise, my yard would be perfect!! I find any gardening I do, does pay off and it's fun and rewarding to cook and create meals from my yard. This year I'm going to plant an herb garden. I have shared a sad "before" image below and will post the hopefully beautiful "after" images! I was looking for some inspo last night and so I am sharing it all with you today!! I hope to layer the taller plants in the back and the smaller in the front. I am also going to mix in some pretty pots on the sides. I am not working with a lot of depth. If I'm feeling really motivated, I am also going to plant some flowers in a window box, read on below to see my "before" image. 

Darby Stanchfield's garden combines planted and potted herbs. 

My daughter would be thrilled to help me paint a few rocks!
I'm going to purchase these simple herb markers here. 

I'd like to mix in a few pots too!

I love this one!

Here is the sad area that I hope to transform, it is in front of my shed!
A can for easy watering 

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Joanne said...

Some beautiful examples of herb gardens, especially the wicker boxes - so French. But, what I really want to know is where did you buy that pretty, flowy, pink dress?


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