Thursday, November 26, 2020

Gift Guide - For Her

This weekend I'll be taking advantage of all the amazing sales and kicking off my seasonal gift guides. I think we all deserve to have an extra festive holiday season. 2021, will hopefully be a wonderful year of holiday parties but for now, I'll be getting together one on one with some of my friends to enjoy the merriment. Each gift guide, I share, will contain an item or items from a small business. My goal is to support local restaurants and shoppes this season. Cheers! xx

1. Earrings

2. Fabulous shearling boots

3. Classic crossbody bag

4. Cozy vest

5. Soft pjs

6. Leather gloves

7. Belt

8. Sneakers (cause we can never have enough pairs)

9. Paper

10. Teddy coat - I live in mine

11. Hat with mix and match pom poms..

12. Handmade pottery bowls 

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