Friday, February 12, 2021

Shelter Loves......

While sipping wine and listening to 70's inspired music, I've thoroughly enjoyed pulling my top pins of the week together to share with you all.  I have been busy creating and working on an array of very cool projects. I truly feel blessed, my career has always served as an escape from the mundane or stressful, raw moments in my life. My children are young but I communicate the importance of following their dreams. Here's a sampling of what's on my radar this week. 

Enjoy your Valentine's Day weekend. I am enjoying this time in my life... I believe in magic, love, dreams and the excitement of not knowing what is around the corner......I'll be celebrating by squeezing my children extra tight and appreciating the love that I am blessed to have in my life.  xx 

1. Music, reading and relaxing in unconventional spaces feeds my soul. I'm in the midst of creating a space in my home to encompass all three, you better believe it will have a turn table, speakers and a spot to store vinyl records. Athena's media room is perfection......

2. Mother Jeans, my favorite at the moment. 

3. Table settings,,,I pin them like crazy and am brainstorming for an upcoming photoshoot. This beautiful moment is by Cece, this Park Avenue apartment is stunning. 

4. Moody, chill music inspired by 70's disco. I create a monthly playlist sharing some of my favorites for one reason or another....check them out on my Spotify account. I shared February's list below. Baby I don't Mind by Sunni Colon has been on repeat.

5. Anais Nin's writings and quotes have been speaking to me lately. 

6. I'm planning my cutting garden for this year. David Austin English roses, with their dense, rich petals will be included into the plan. 

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