Friday, March 26, 2021

Shelter Loves.....

I was more than happy to spend a relaxing night in. I sorted through some fabrics for my projects and had a chance to create a post for you all. I've been inspired by an array of moments lately. Here is what is on my radar and mind this week. Wishing you a wonderful, sun filled weekend. xx 

1. I'm all about good quality lighting. Beautiful lights can truly transform a project from good to outstanding. These hand made fixtures are made in Oaxacan, the sculptural quality is wonderful.. See more here
2. Carolyn Bessette Kennedy's classic, simply, minimal style speaks to me..
3. Life is too short not to be fearless.......take risks. We all stumble, we all rise.
4. Sexy. I am loving moody, layered, rich, sophisticated interiors. This is Jenna Lyon's bathroom.
5. Simple summer jewelry.
6. I love this image for a number of reasons. First off, Carolyn Murphy is stunning and I love that she was in the latest J.Crew catalog. I'm also loving this fresh lavender shade for summer. I am ordering everything here. I think I'll be wearing a bikini when I am 90.....the women do in France. ;)
7. If you're a long time follower of mine, I think you've figured out that I am obsessed with music. I probably annoy the shit out of my friends with my constant random song shares......I've been listening to Cannons lately.


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