Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Shelter Loves

I typically post what I'm eyeing on Friday, I had some time to share my thoughts today instead. I'm feeling especially inspired by organic materials, comfort, rattan textures and handmade items...It's nice to finally have some warm weather. I'm looking forward to flowering trees, green grass and blooms! (see the simple things do make a difference). Cheers. 

1. I'm very into the idea of having a loungey vinyl room..I'm also loving graphic black and white artwork.This painting is by John O'Hara. Forsyth is full of interesting vintage pieces too. 

2. Slides.....Especially loving the Polly slide by Loeffler Randall. These are nice too and on sale. 

3. Natural colored rugs with tones of brown, cream, and tan that resemble Tuareg mat designs. Find this one here

4. An integrated stone sinks. This one is a beauty.

5. I've been wearing denim on denim lately, it's much like a stylish, flattering uniform. Buy this one here.

6. YES!

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