Monday, June 21, 2021

Shelter Loves....

Happy Monday. I'm kicking off the week with my current inspirations and finds.....I'm on a plane to Houston to design a wonderful project and am thankful for the time to catch up on my blogging...Enjoy this balmy summer weather!

1. Shell, stone and beaded necklaces mixed with gold chains. The beautiful texture and natural colors add dimension. This one is a beauty. 

2. Handmade, beautiful objects and hand made items sold at Provincial markets in the south of France. The photo depicted is from the St Remy market.  I'm looking forward to European travel again. 

3. Old, weathered brick used indoor on floors. It's especially gorgeous when paired with a more modern aesthetic. The contrast creates a beautiful tension. 

4. Gauzy, flowing dresses and blouses. I especially love silk. You'll find me outfitted in both, all season long. This top and everything at Warm NY is gorgeous. 

5. Photography of all kinds! I have my eye on this Kate Moss photo by Ellen von Unwerth, Paris. 1989. 

6. I love this idea.

7. Wall coverings that colorfully capture nature in beautiful, rich hues...FerricK Mason

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