Tuesday, July 13, 2010

In Search of...Art Work!

My foyer gallery wall is almost finished! I can't wait to share the results with you. I am continually searching for inspiration and fabulous art..this time I was searching for a small scale, abstract with some color! So I headed directly to Etsy, and searched under "small" acrylic paintings..here's a sampling of what I found. Now I have to figure out which one will complete my project! {follow the link for each piece}

Dancing Girl Art

The Cycling Artist - soft abstract paintings

Maria's bird watercolors are also beautiful.

I loved the animal portraits by Dana Gils

Brooke Howie - the abstract work


Notes From ABroad said...

Marias birds would do it for me as well as the arm autumn colors in the abstract.
It is fun shopping for things to put on the walls, isn't it?
We used to go to Auctions .. found some wonderful things !

Gramercy Home said...

Great finds. I'm really gravitating toward the pieces by Kitano...wasn't familiar with her work and now have a new artist to explore - thanks! Can't wait to see your gallery wall.

Harrison Howard said...

I went to Paintbox's Etsy page. His landscapes have a lot of atmosphere and spontaneity, along with one eye catching composition after another. He looks very accomplished to me and the prices seem unbeatable, in spite of the mostly very small sizes. I think the quality of his paintings would become even more apparent if some of them were done quite a bit larger. Good luck making a choice.

Kim Hambric said...

All fun and beautiful artwork.

Don't forget other types of artwork, such as fiber art and collage.

Naomi@DesignManifest said...

I really enjoy the colors here. It's so nice that etsy makes original art accessible to us "normal" folks!

Ivy Lane said...

Lovin' the first 2... then went on Esty to see more of Maria's birds.. I really like the birds on a wire paintings! Thanks for the tip! Can't wait to see your final "reveal" !

Viive @ Dovecote Decor said...

Julie, I think you would really like Maria Filopoulou's work. She incorporates a lot of the same colors you have highlighted in this post, but her paintings tend to be a bit large. You should check out her website: http://www.mariafilopoulou.com/index.html
I am a big big fan!

Living Livelier said...

wow - awesome post. Love so many of those pieces. I'm on etsy all the time, but there's so much to search, it's overwhelming. Thanks for narrowing the search!

EMK said...

I enjoy your blog very much :)
I'm an artist living and working in NYC and thought i'd send you my website www.emk-art.com after seeing your post today...

Ladamsdesigns said...

when your ready for a big piece, hit me up! ladamsdesigns.blogspot.com

Ladamsdesigns said...

When you're ready for a big painting, hit me up!
:) Lauren


Hello Lover... said...

I, too, am on the hunt for artwork. I keep running into two obstacles 1. I want something very large for over our sofa and 2. I'm on a budget. Loving all these etsy options here and that I've found on the site as well. Hopefully I'll run into something perfect soon - my walls are very naked.

Sarah Greenman said...

Wow... these are really spectacular. Love all the green and yellow.


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