Wednesday, July 6, 2016


I sometimes mention how wonderful the idea of simplifying life would be. I haven't found the answer on how to do this yet but I do know taking time to pause helps reinvigorate and inspire me. I also need to face the reality that I enjoy design, beautiful moments and functional objects so I will also be thinking and "doing". When I have finished one project there is always another to move onto. Kudos to the ones who have figured out how to create a less stressful life. I do however think the idea of enjoying a small cottage or in this case a house boat for one month out of the year would be freeing.

This recently self renovated house boat allowed Kyleigh Kuhn to own her own little slice of heaven on the water without the expenses of a large home.

Take a peek and read about her project here...could you live on a house boat for the summer?? Learn about Kyleigh's collaboration with artists in Afghanistan. here.


Unknown said...

Great piece! What an interesting an amazing woman! I love her houseboat and am inspired by her work with the people of Afghanistan. Plus that Afghan jewelry...I'm dying for a piece!

Joanne said...

She has done an amazing job on renovating and decorating a small space. Kudos!
The thing I have noticed in my boating travels is many of these live aboards are trashy. I wouldn't want that eyesore nor the person as my neighbor. Maybe, not as idyllic as you think.


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