Friday, July 8, 2016

Shelter Loves.....

I've been in search of some serious inspiration lately. I also have a few trips coming up, which always gets my creative side bubbling over with fresh ideas and new perspectives. 

Here's my point of view this week: 

1. Okay this outdoor space by Jill Sharp Weeks is BANANAS good! In fact this entire home is amazing and it's, wait what?, a rental?? In all my years I have never come across a rental this gorgeous. Image via: House Beautiful

2. + 3. Shopbop is having a HUGE summer sale. Check out the great savings on these sandals and this fabulous bucket bag along with a slew of other great goods. 

4. I love peeking at Fashion week looks! Here's a relaxed outfit at the 2017 Milan Fashion Week.

5. I love this quote. Every experience good or bad holds a lesson. I hope to take my children on a few more adventures and experiences this summer.

6. I am obsessed with everything on the Twine and Twig website. I bought three of these bracelets (which I have somehow misplaced) but hope to purchase more. I want to layer them just like this!!

7. I enjoy trying new restaurants and traveling. Here's an entire camp site on my wish list!!! Yum!



Not sure if it gets any better to wake-up in Santa Fe this morning to an email from my niece, Elizabeth who is on SAFARI in Africa saying have a look at your post! She and her super cool sister Jacquelyn are the women behind TWINE & TWIG - so the fact that we are FAMILY and both are featured in your POST was just pure LOVE!
SO great!
Thanks for the shout-out - we are big FANS of what you do! J I L L xxx

Julie Richard - Shelter said...

Thank you!! What a funny coincidence. Clearly great style and creativity runs in the family, Jill!! xo - Julie

Unknown said...

jill sharp house is amazing,the garden is lovely


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