Sunday, August 1, 2021

Shelter Loves

There is something very peaceful about Sunday mornings. I cherish the quiet time at home and usually listen to music, read, clean or cook a healthy breakfast. Today, I was able to spend a few minutes to reflect on the past week and what I've been eyeing or thinking of......xx

1. LSD's lovely Southhampton's home is the perfect blend of vintage and new...It's inviting and cozy. Image via: Vogue. I have an affinity for vintage artwork. 
2.  The Nordstrom Anni sale is going on. I'll pull together and share my picks tomorrow. These sunnies may end up in my card though. 
3. Sezane is exhibiting and selling some wonderful art,,,,I may need this print in my life. The frame was the perfect choice.
4. Travertine furniture. I'm making some change around here. My sofa is currently being recovered and I may need this table to join my living room mix.
5. My August spotify playlist. See below or follow me on Spotify. I share a new "mixed" tape monthly. I have about five concerts this month, I've selected songs from most of them. 
6. Pippa Holt kaftans support women, and an art form. See and read more about Pippa's mission here
7. Amen.
8. I'll be doing some traveling this month and would like to get a new suitcase. I've been eyeing this line, they are made from recycled plastic!

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